English 1114

Juniors-Honors I
Section 1114

Monday: Discuss the historical background of a Nation is Born. Read and discuss Ben Franklin’s autobiography and his almanac. Complete the critical thinking questions and finish for homework

Tuesday: Go over discuss the critical thinking questions. Read and discuss biographies of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Read pages 154-155. Discuss the elements of a persuasive speech.

Wednesday: Discuss the “Declaration of Indepedence” and go over the Review and Assess questions on page 159. Begin to read “The Crisis” by Thomas Paine. Finish the critical thinking questions on page 162.

Thursday: Complete and review the Review and Assess questions on page 163. Discuss parallelism and complete the in class essay on page 165.

Friday: Students will take a test on both Jefferson and Paine including their works.