Freshman Art Cycle

This is an introduction to Art and the Elements of Art such as line, shape, color, value, form, space and texture.   Students explore the use of variuos materials and techniques as they learn to identify and use each element.  Projects include landscapes based on Georges Seurat’s Pointillism and monotypes (one of a kind prints) depicting a still life with fruit and abstracts.

Each cycle is ONE QUARTER long. Students rotate with Pesonal Development, Career Development a Technology nd Music.

This a Pass or Fail course which meets twice a week. Students sre required to have a 9 x12 sketchbook for specific homework assignments and classwork.  The sketchbook is usually due a week after the start of the cycle.

HOMEWORK:   Draw an interesting object/s utilizing the Pointillism technique. Use black or colored marlers 

 Due date to be announced in each particular cycle.