Algebra I – 912

Homework for the week of February 13 – February 17

Monday, Feb.13 – p.283-284 #5,12,26

Tuesday, Feb.14 – p.297 #1-8

Wednesday, Feb.15 – No homework because of test

Thursday, Feb.16 – p.305 #14-32 evens

Friday, Feb.17 – p.311 #10-22 evens


Khan Academy Assignment

Log onto your Khan Academy account.  Go to High School Math – Algebra 1 – One-variable linear inequalities.  You will be required to watch 3 videos and do 2 Practice Sets from this section.  Work on the Practice Sets until you have been designated “practiced.” You will receive 2 credits for each video and each completed Practice Set.

Videos:                                                                                     Practice Sets:

  1. Testing solutions to inequalities                             1. Testing solutions to inequalities
  2. Plotting inequalities                                                  2. Plotting inequalities
  3. Plotting an inequality example