Mrs. Karla Giron

                              ! Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!                                                               

Honors Spanish 1: Capitulo 6                   21  de febrero

Objective: Describe people’s personality, conditions, and emotions. Explain minor illnesses. Speak about a doctor’s appointment and learn about a literary genre-the picaresque novel.

WIll use: ser and estar  / indirect object pronouns

* Vocabulario 1 create quizlet

* Los verbos ser and estar/ Worksheet

* e-studio Vocabulario 1

*Vocabulario 1 quiz 24 de febrero

* Spanish National Exam  Continue practicing

* AASTP Poster Contest due 23 de febrero 2017  Poster contest rules are available


Spanish 3:  Capitulo 6 Viajes

Objectives: Discuss several modes of travel, speak about a trip to Bolivia and read a short story by the Spanish author Emilia Pardo Bazan.

Will use: The subjunctive with conjunctions of time, subjunctive to express suggestions and advice and irregular nouns.

* Vocabulario La estacion de tren ( ferrocarril)

* Recap preguanta

* Vocabulario 2 Workbook pagina 6.6 ( A,B, y C)

* Webquest El Tren Upload to Google Classroom

*El Subjuntivo con cojunciones de tiempo

* AATSP Poster Contest due 23 de febrero  2017 Poster Contest rules are available

Supplies : Surface or Laptop, Flashdrive, Spanish /English Dictionary, Pens and Notebook.

Enjoy the weekend!

Senora Giron