Mrs. Karla Giron

                              ! Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!                                                               

Honors Spanish 1:    Como somos?           10 de octubre

Objective: Identify and described people and things, tell where someone is from, tell what subjects you take and express opinions about them, and talk about Spanish speakers in the United States.

You will use: nouns, adjectives, and articles, the verb ser, tu and usted.


* Vocabulario 1 y 2 ( paginas 22, 23, 26 and 27)

* Recap

* Google Classroom pregunta

* Articulos y sustantivos, adjetivos,  y Ser

* Quiz Vocabulario 2 , verbo ser, articulos y sustantivos  ( 12 de octubre )

* Capitulo 1 examen  ( 13 de octubre )


Spanish 3: De compras y fiestas

Objectives: vocabulary related to shopping and celebrations , the imperfect of regular and irregular verbs, the verbs interesar, aburrir and gustar, indirect object pronouns.

* Vocabulario  create a quizlet


*Google Classroom Preguntas y videos


* Repaso D examen

Supplies : Surface or Laptop, Flashdrive, Spanish /English Dictionary, Pens and Notebook.

Enjoy the weekend!

Senora Giron