Mrs. Karla Giron

                              ! Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!                                                               

Honors Spanish 1: En clase y despues                                       13 de noviembre

Objective: talk about what you do in school, identify some school clothes and school supplies, talk about what you and your friends do after school, compare school and after-school activities in Spanish- Speaking countries and the United States.

You will use: present tense of -at verbs, the verbs ir,dar, and estar, the contractions al and del


* Vocabulario 1 En la sala de clase ( create a quizlet)

* Recap Question

* e-studio Grammar video and Vocabulary 1 exercise

* Present de los verbos en -at

* Vocabulario en vivo y Dialogo en vivo

* Vocabulario 1 y Grammar quiz ( Viernes, 17 de noviembre)


Spanish 3: El hotel y el resturante

Objectives: vocabulary related to hotels and resturants, double object pronouns, the present perfect tense, regular and irregular past participles

* Vocabulario  create a quizlet

*Coversacion Al cafe

*Dos complementos en una frase


* El presente perfecto

* Skit usando vocabulario del hotel

Supplies : Surface or Laptop, Flashdrive, Spanish /English Dictionary, Pens and Notebook.

Enjoy the weekend!

Senora Giron