Elective: Creative Writing

Welcome to Creative Writing!

Please make sure you have your composition notebook ready for class use.

Monday- Journal write: What are your expectations of the class? What would you like to write about during the year in class? What are three things that you would like me to know about you?

Tuesday- Set-up Google Classroom and explain expectations and assignments. Show introduction to “The Joy Luck Club” and begin reading. 

 Wednesday- Lesson on Memoirs.  Handout list of examples. Journal: If you had to write your own memoir, what would you include? 

Thursday- Handout novels (The Joy Luck Club) Journal: Prediction. What do you think this novel will be about?

Friday- Free read/write day.  Be sure to complete Assignment #1 in Google Classroom.  This is due by Monday morning by 8am.  No late assignments will be accepted.