Elective: Creative Writing

Welcome to Creative Writing! Please check the homework board in class for assignments.

Monday: Introduction to the ABC’s of poetry via Read, Write, Think website.  Draw a letter on the board and write it every way possible.  Have the girls analyze the letter.  What does it look like?  Are there certain words that go together by sound or by topic?

Tuesday: ACT TESTING—I have to proctor during these mods–ONLY 3 Seniors—they have their assignment to continue their Catalog Poem that is due Wednesday.

Wednesday: Continuing yesterday’s lesson, use the interactive Alphabet Organizer to help create your own poem.  Handout a sample of an Alphabet poem.  These will be due on Wednesday. 

Thursday: Share poems.  When finished, each student should choose a different letter so that we can create an ABC book for the class.  The second poem will be due on Friday. 

Friday: Last day to work on Alphabet Poems.  Both poems should be submitted by email at the end of class today via email. 

Any questions? Feel free to email me: mrsroach@motherseton.org.  I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.