Welcome to Honors II English!

Week 19

Monday- (1 Mod) Introduce Vocabulary Unit 8 words. (1 Mod) Discuss where we left off in Act IV of Macbeth.  Review questions from before midterms: pg 490-497 #s 48, 71, 93, 124, 156, 69, 75. **RESEARCH PAPERS ARE DUE TODAY!!

Tuesday- Discuss the events that occurred in Act IV and begin answering questions on pg. 507 #s 1-6.  These are due tomorrow along with the vocabulary exercises.

Wednesday- (1 Mod) Review Vocabulary Unit 8 exercises. Quiz on Friday! (1 Mod) Begin Act V and discuss the theme of sleepwalking.  (Scenes 1-5 on pgs. 508-515)

Thursday- When finished, continue reading Act V while answering the margin questions. 

Friday- Vocabulary Unit 8 Quiz.  When finished, Journal response. We are approaching the end of the play.  With that in mind, what predictions do you have of what is to come?  Will Macbeth’s fate end his life or his free will? Is Macbeth, at this point, a tragic hero?  Continue reading Act V-“The Catastrophe” of a Shakespeare play. 

Any questions? Feel free to email me: mrsroach@motherseton.org