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Week 19

Monday- Continue Act III.  Discuss the dialogue between Cassius, Antony, and Brutus.  Review questions on pg. 962 #s 1-4 and begin Act IV of “Julius Caesar”.  Girls are to update their character lists and answer the remaining questions for the Acts we have already read. 

Tuesday- Activate prior knowledge: In partners, respond to Act I questions.  Use this as a study guide for overall test when we are finished reading the play. 

Wednesday- Read Act III on pgs. 949-962.  Answer questions #s 1-4 on pg. 962 when finished. 

Thursday Review internal and external conflict.  Discuss the events that occur after the conspirators assassinate Caesar.  (pgs. 967-970)

Friday– Re-cap events that occurred in the Acts/Scenes we have read.  Review Act 1 Test and prepare for Acts II & III Test next week.