Admission Workshop for International Students

On November 21 2016, Mother Seton Regional High School in Clark hosted an admission workshop for all international students. The presentation was done by Tina Tang, international admission counselor for the College of International Programs at Centenary University and by Patricia Mahaffey, coordinator of student abroad programs, also of Centenary.

Mrs. Corinne Wnek, Director of Guidance at Mother Seton, arranged the program for the thirty international students. “These are wonderful students who come to us largely from China, but just like any American student, the college admission process can be overwhelming for them. This is doubly so because entrance requirements are vastly different from those in their birth country and many are still working their way through the English language. “
Mother Seton hosts this international student program annually. “We invite all the international students, regardless of their grade, to come hear what will be required of them in a year or so if they expect to attend an American college”, Mrs. Wnek states. “They learn about College Board testing, TOEFL requirements, immigration forms and the financial statements required specifically for these students. But they also learn about the welcome they can expect to receive by colleges like Centenary who make sure international students have every opportunity for a pre-college experience and the skills need to assimilate into the college culture”.