International Student Program

Student Application and Fees

Application Process

1. Name of agent:

• Find an agent who will assist you with our admission process.
• Find you a hosting family.
• Support you during your stay in the U.S.A.

2. Visit and complete the Application for Admission, click Submit.

3. Submit grades from the past 3 years, including standardized test scores (TOEFL, etc.), birth certificate and passport to your agent who will send your application papers to us.

4. Upon receipt of all your required documents, an Admissions Representative will schedule a Skype or in-person interview with you.

5. You will be contacted by email with our acceptance decision. If you have any questions, please email them to

Thank you for your interest!

Lucy Zhang, Grade 12
Mother Seton is small in size but great in spirit. I joined this sweet family in my sophomore year. Next year, as a senior, I will be on the yearbook staff and Peer-Pals. I am happy to have the chance to share my culture with all the students. I have truly enjoyed my years here.”

Student Support

When our international scholars walk through the door, we offer support from students and faculty.


International Student Orientation night involves the student, agent and host family. This is a special time to get questions answered and get to know our school expectations and meet other international students and their host families.

Peer Pals Program

Each international student is paired with an American student in our Peer Pals program to assist in the transition to life at Mother Seton.


Faculty members volunteer as mentors for our international students to ensure their adjustment, comfort and success at Mother Seton.


In an effort to accommodate our International Students, Mother Seton Regional High School offers ESL assistance. This feature enables the students to improve their competency in the English language. ESL is also offered in our Seton Summer Academy.

Engineering Design Process Class

The Engineering Design Process (EDP) course is a hands-on, project based course that stresses the “process” of engineering design including defining the problem, recognizing constraints and criteria, group brainstorming, best solution selection, prototype development and testing, reflection of results, communication and presentation, and re-design if necessary.

Major projects include “Forms of Flight,” Disaster Proof Housing,” “Design of Musical Instruments,” and “Global Energy Issues.” Other activities performed are the construction of a catapult, designing practical footwear, development of rubber-band powered vehicles with a drag strip, engineering a nutritious meal, Legos® activities, and game design.

By the completion of this course, the student will have a good comprehension of the Engineering Design Process and its application to a wide range of engineering disciplines.




$325 Registration Fee (one time)
$350 Fundraising Fee
$350 Book Fee
$350 Technology Fee
$125 I-20 Application Fee (one-time)
$4,000 International Student Fee
$4,000 Busing (optional) 
Uniforms – varies according to your order