Students with IEPs, ISPs, & 504s

At Mother Seton, ‘academic excellence’ is not just a tagline.

Accepted students with IEPs, Service Plans and 504 Plans can be successful in all of our academic programs.  There is a place for accepted students on every rung of the academic ladder here at Mother Seton because we are not afraid to adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of a struggling student.

We offer extensive services for students that are provided through the Guidance office and the Educational Services commission.  The counselors work closely with the faculty to make sure that qualified students receive the academic accommodations they need to be successful.  Professional instructional aides are also provided to tutor students both one on one and as support within the classroom.

In addition, our acclaimed Success Through Academic Readiness program or S.T.A.R, offers one on one assistance to any student who wants to improve their preparation for success in high school by strengthening academic skills in such areas as reading, writing and math. The S.T.A.R program will also assist any student who wants to improve their time management, test taking and organizational skills. At MSR, we work with S.T.A.R students for four years to maximize their confidence and to prepare them for honors classes, if they choose, and for four-year college acceptances with scholarship.

‘Academic excellence’ is not just a tagline for us.  Over the years, we have helped hundreds of students reach their own personal academic excellence.  The result is 100% college placement for all students.  In addition, over 81% of Mother Seton seniors average $280,000 in scholarship money per student.

Stop wondering if your child can be successful in high school and go on to college.  Hundreds of our graduates already have.