Seton Distinguished Scholars


A comprehensive, academic program for the intellectually gifted student. 

The Seton Distinguished Scholar Program is a comprehensive academic program. It is directed toward those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in their elementary school as well as high performance on their standardized testing and on entrance and scholarship examinations. These Distinguished Scholars are chosen from among our Honor Students and are expected to take Honors and Advanced Placement courses in English, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Mathematics and Science. In addition, students are required to take courses in Latin and Computer Applications. These courses are designed to meet the special needs of the intellectually gifted student.

Accelerated content, in-depth study, small group discussions, interdisciplinary approaches and research skills are emphasized. Students in the program will be challenged to develop spiritually, socially, morally, personally and academically.


Program Objectives 

The Seton Distinguished Scholar Program assists the student to develop the following:

  • A sense of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • An awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  • An in-depth understanding of current events
  • A higher order of critical thinking skills
  • A sense of social, moral and Christian responsibility
  • Experiences in leadership and in the development of self esteem


Profile of the Seton Distinguished Scholar 

In order to achieve these goals, the Seton Scholar must:

  • maintain honors level study throughout her high school years
  • complete classes in Latin and Computer Applications in freshman year
  • maintain a grade of B+ in all major courses
  • attend all extra-curricular programs offered as part of the Seton Scholar Program
  • attend theatrical performances, science workshops, museum
    presentations, historical/cultural field trips