Sophomore Art Cycle

This is a Pass or Fail course which emphasizes the knowledge acquired in Freshman Art Cycle. Each cycle is ONE QUARTER long. Students rotate with SAT Prep  Family and Consumer Science and Music.  The class meets twice a week.  In Sophomore Cycle, students continue learning about the Elements of Art through basic drawing techniques.  Emphasis is placed on the use of value and form.  Projects include a shaded still life (pencil) and a watercolor landscape.


Sketchbook assignments need to be completed by the due date specified on the handout for each marking period.

They include the following:

LINE DRAWING  –  Draw a tree around your home and outline in black marker-no color.

APPLYING COLOR  –  Draw an object with interesting shapes. Use colored pencils.

SHADING  –  Draw a vase or plant with flowers.  Shade in pencil using the technique learned in class.

Sketchbooks will be checked specific dates.