Sophomore Art Cycle

This is a Pass or Fail course which reinforces the knowledge acquired in Freshman Art Cycle. Each cycle is ONE QUARTER long. The class meets twice a week.  In Sophomore Cycle, students continue learning about the Elements of Art through basic drawing techniques. Emphasis is placed on the use of value and form.  Projects include a shaded still life (pencil) and a watercolor landscape.


Sketchbook assignments need to be completed by the due date specified on the handout for each marking period.

They include the following:

LINE DRAWING  –  Draw a tree around your home and outline in black marker-no color.

APPLYING COLOR  –  Draw an object with interesting shapes. Use colored pencils.

SHADING  –  Draw a vase or plant with flowers.  Shade in pencil using the technique learned in class.

Sketchbooks will be checked on the specific dates.