A one semester course where students learn to draw from life and the imagination.  With the aid of set-ups, students draw “what they see” utilizing traditional techniques such as outlining and shading. They explore the use of various media including pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, markers and India ink. Emphasis is placed on the use of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.



Complete projects on time

Keep accurate notes

Have a sketchbook for specific homework assignments and classwork

Study for tests


Blind contours –  Pencil, Markers 

Watercolor abstract

Perspective – India Ink

Shaded Still life – Pencil

Study of the Human Hand – Charcoal



Students learn about the “blind contour drawing ” techniques as they pose for their classmates to draw their portrait. They create a drawing using one continuous line, without erasing or lifting their pencils! The class practice several times before they complete their final version in markers. The result is a semi-abstract piece.

The first project is the basis for a second blind contour portrait which is done in mixed-media.  Students sketched in pencil, used metallic crayons and applied watercolors over the crayon for a crayon-resist effect.

The class enjoys the experience of being models as they explore a completely new way of drawing.



Students worked on a large abstract piece using the newly learned crayon-resist technique. Each piece was a reflection of the creativity of each individual.   In May, all projects will be combined to form a mural to be displayed in the Annual Student Art Exhibit



 Students work on a large shaded drawing which helps develop and/or improve observational skills.  A still life is put together consisting of various interesting objects.   A series of sketches are created on newsprint in order to learn  how to draw each particular object and the set-up as whole. Once the final drawing is finished, they begin to shade using pencil. The class is encouraged to concentrate on the use of value and form with the aid of a spotlight.  Blending of the medium and outlining is be emphasized. Textures and detail are added to the final version



This project involves learning the basics of perspective drawing in order to show the illusion of depth.  Students create a landscape using one vanishing point  The drawings vary from bridges, to fields to parks and train tracks.  The preliminary sketch is done in pencil using rulers and a compass if necessary. The final version is a pen and ink rendering. Texture and detail prevail as students depict nature, buildings, cars, water, etc.