Basic Design

A one semester course in which students further their knowledge of Art using a variety of materials. They create 2-D artwork as they explore the use of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  Emphasis on the use of tools and the proper handling of the media.  References to particular artists and art movements will be made as students create their projects                                                                         

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Complete projects on time

Participate in class discussions and critiques

Keep accurate notes

Have a sketchbook for specific homework assignments and classwork

Study for tests

Students are introduced to Design through notes and discussions.  They will learn about the life and works of Henri Matisse and how his technique was developed. 


Construction Paper – Students are introduced to the artist by reading an article from the Scholastic Art Magazine. Based on his cutouts, they work using on an array of thought-provoking designs. Students also discuss how to conduct an art critique



Students created a large collage using tissue paper and diluted glue.  The project involved creating various layers of texture. As the tissue paper and glue are applied, shapes begin to emerge which are outlined in black India ink and white acrylic paint. The pieces have a semi-abstract quality .

In Progress


This is a complex project involving several steps: 

The desired topic is researched online using the Surface. Students create a design with their findings as reference which includes simplified shapes centered in a frame. Geometric shapes are then drawn around the design. The window is transferred to black construction paper and a cutout is made using an X-Acto knife and a ruler. Colored acetate is taped on the reverse side to create the “glass” panels. To give a the project a finished look, a second cutout is glued on the back. The windows are hung from the ceiling of the Art Studio using paper clips and a string.

In correlation with this project, students study the history of stained glass windows from around the world with the aid of a Power Point presentation.  


As a final project, students study optical illusions and the history of the Op Art movement. An eye- catching poster reflecting the life and works of Bridget Riley is presented by each student.  Black and white illusions ranging from geometric designs to waves and pinwheels are created in class using white drawing paper and permanent markers. The ingenious patterns make everyone dizzy!