Honors 2 Algebra 1


Homework for the Week of March 19 to March 23

Monday, March 19 – p.401 #30-42 evens

Tuesday, March 20 – p.423 #20-26 evens, p.429 #9-14 all

Wednesday, March 21 – No homework because of test

Thursday, March 22 – p.429 #16-28 evens

Friday, March 23 – p.438 #12-17 all


Khan Academy Assignment on Polynomials is due on Wednesday, March 14 and Wednesday, March 21.  You will be required to complete 12 sets of exercises.  Those dealing with multiplication and division of monomials, and addition and subtraction of polynomials are due on March 14.  Those exercises dealing with mutiplication of polynomials are due on March 21.  Check into your Khan Academy account for more details.  You should work on the exercises until you reach “practiced” status.  You will receive 1 credit for each successfully completed set of exercises.  Please do not wait until the last day to start working on this project.  Remember, that you will not have math class on March 12 and 13.  This project is meant to keep your algebra skills sharp.