Mrs. Karla Giron

                              ! Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!                                                               

Honors Spanish 1: De vacaciones               7 de mayo     

En tu tiempo libre               

Objectivos : talk about a birthday party, discuss concerts, movies, and museums, discuss Hispanic art and music

You will use: Preterite of -er and -ir verbs, the verbs oir, and leer, affirmative and negative words

* Study for Voc. 1 and preterite -er and -ir verbs

* Vocabulario en vivo/ Dialogo en vivo / Cultura en vivo

* Movie Project and review

* Chapter Project Una invitation ( rough draft due 5/15) Final Project 5/18

*Capitulo 8 test 5/17


Spanish 3 Viajes

Objectives: Discuss several modes of travel, talk about a trip to Bolivia, read a short story by the Spanish author Emilia Pardon Bazan

You will use: the subjunctive with conjunctions of time, the subjunctive to express suggestions and advice, irregular

*  Vocabulario La estacion de tren ( ferrocarril)

* Vocabulario en vivo / Cultura en vivo/ Dialogo en vivo

* recap answer question in a form of a video

*El subjuntivo con conjunciones de tiempo

* El subjuntivo con verbos especiales

*Renfe adif Travel activity in train from Spain



Supplies : Surface or Laptop, Flashdrive, Spanish /English Dictionary, Pens and Notebook.

Enjoy the weekend!

Senora Giron