US History Honors l Website Info

All USI Honors I Juniors should be registered for myhistorylab!

All Juniors enrolled in Honors I US History must register at  This website includes an etext, primary sources to investigate, quizzes, study tools, such as online quizzes and flashcards, as well as interactive timelines and powerpoints.  You are required to register with the site the summer before Junior year, and most use it routinely to review and study.  You virtually ‘join’ my class, and I can see what activities you are doing, and how you are scoring in them.  This aids in my ability to tailor my lessons and personal outreach to improve student performance

How students join a class created for this website

To register for a website:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Registration, pick student
  3. Click OK Register Now!
  4. Enter the course id –  and continue
  5. Create Your Pearson account (You may already have one from Bio)
  6.  Your full access code is–
  7. Click Go to My Courses, select US I 2015-2016 to start your work.

After joining the class, you receive a class enrollment confirmation email containing your login name and password.

You can join the class from the class start date up to one day prior to the class end date.

After you have joined a class, you can access it later at any time by repeating step 1 above. If you have only one active class, you enter it once you log in. If you have two or more active classes, you are presented with a list of classes once you log in. To enter a class, select one from the list.