Elective: Creative Writing

Welcome to Creative Writing!

Week 20:

Monday: Introduction to Limerick poems.  Watch an intro video and then explain the rhyme scheme and syllables for each line.  Begin creating your own.

Tuesday: Continue to work on your limerick poems.  The second half of class, we will present them.  Be sure the rhyme scheme and syllables for each line are correct. 

Wednesday: Move desks into a circle.  Activate prior knowledge by completing the “laughing child” activity.  Then, in journals, write down your thoughts on the image shown on the smart board.  When finished, we will read the poem: “The Laughing Child” by W. S. Merwin aloud in class.  Discuss what the speaker is trying to say. How does this relate to the image shown? How is it similar/different to what you wrote down?

 Thursday: Begin the ‘Incredible Bridges: “Remember” by Joy Harjo’ lesson that focuses on the “Common Good” initiative.  By reading this poem, it will remind students to pay attention to who they are and how they are connected to the world around them

Friday: Create another limerick poem.  Be sure to accompany it with a photo or graphics for display on our “Poetree” in the hall.  This MUST be different from the one you handed in yesterday! Please hand these in by Monday.