Welcome to Honors I English!

Week #13

Monday- (THURSDAY SCHEDULE): Introduction to Vocabulary Unit 6.  Exercises are due on Wednesday.  Quiz will be on Friday. (1 Mod) Handout packet of introduction to It’s a Wonderful Life.  Work on grammar lesson- Parallelism. 

Tuesday- Begin with author background on Charles Dickens.  Show PowerPoint and watch BBC Bio clip.  When finished, complete mini-research assignment that will get the girls used to the research process.

Wednesday- (1 Mod) Review Vocabulary Unit 6 exercises. Review research assignment and create multiple choice quiz.


Friday- Begin watching It’s a Wonderful Life and take notes for your Compare/Contrast essay.   


Any questions? Feel free to email me: mrsroach@motherseton.org.  I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.