Week #13


Monday- (THURSDAY SCHEDULE): Finish watching “O.M.A.M”.  Complete compare/contrast worksheet of “O.M.A.M.” text vs. movie.  This is due next Tuesday. Begin Unit 6 vocabulary exercises.  These are due on Wednesday.

Tuesday- Complete Compare/Contrast worksheet and Chrono-log.  Must hand in today. Review “Of Mice and Men” for test tomorrow. Continue to watch “O.M.A.M” movie. 

Wednesday- (Mod 1) Review vocabulary exercises.  (Mod 2) Wrap-up “O.M.A.M” and take home test.  This is due to the bin tomorrow even though we do not have class.  Make sure it is in there by the end of Thursday.


Friday– (Mod 1) Vocabulary Unit 6 Quiz today.  (Mod 2) Watch It’s a Wonderful Life and take notes for your Compare/Contrast essay.