Welcome to Honors II English! Please check the homework board in class for assignments. 

April 1- Complete the “Antigone” Worksheet located in the folder labeled, Monday, April 1stUse loose-leaf paper and your textbook to complete the assignment. Please place it in your bin when you are finished.  

April 2- Complete the worksheet labeled, “Transition Words” and place it in your bin when you are finished.  If time remains, work quietly on your Argument Paper.

April 3- Complete the “Worksheet for Apostrophe Use” and place it in your bin when you are finished.  Quietly work on your Argument Paper if time remains.

April 4- Use the Revising Checklist that will be handed out to you as you are editing and revising your Argument Paper. You should almost be done with your paper at this point.

April 5- Complete the “Review Units 10-12” exercises in your vocabulary workbooks. (Pgs. 156-163)  When finished, choose any ten words from any of the three units and compose your own sentences on a piece of loose leaf.  Place the sentences in the bin when you are finished.

Any questions? Feel free to email me: mrsroach@motherseton.org.  I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.