Honors 1 Algebra 2

Weekly Announcements

*Monday Homework (10/9): No School

*Tuesday Homework (10/10): p.119 #8-16 (even) #24,26,34,38,54,56. “The complex number system”.

*Wednesday Homework (10/11): PSAT Administration

*Thursday(10/12): Continue working on Section 1-6 “Different Types of Equations” Project.

*Friday (10/13): Poster Project is due Monday, at the conclusion of class.


This week we will be presenting our equations in section 1-6 to the class. After that, we will be reviewing how to solve linear inequalities. Finally, we will conclude chapter 1 and learn how to solve rational and polynomial inequalities. Expect a quiz on Friday.

*Monday (10/16): Section 1-7: Self Study. p.137 #28-42(Even)  #44-50(Even).

Due on Wednesday for Sophomores. Thursday for Juniors.

*Tuesday (10/17): Same as Monday.

*Wednesday (10/18):

*Thursday (10/19):

*Friday (10/20): Quiz on sections 1.4-1.7 on Wednesday.