Salve Puellae, 

Salve de Magistra Buontempo:-)

Weeks of December 11th  December 18th:


  • 2nd marking period project…due Monday, December 11th


  • Chapter 5 vocabulary & grammar…1st & 2nd declension…GENITIVE case


  • Chapter 6 vocabulary and grammar…Future Tense


  • Students are to complete all corresponding textbook and worksheet exercises, as assigned in class


  • TEST lessons 5 & 6: Wednesday, December 20th


  • SATURNALIA  activities


  • English derivatives SMART® Board activity…will be completed during class with Magistra B.


  • Test:  tba
  • Habete annum admirabilum! Bona Fortuna:)
  • (Have a wonderful school year and good luck:)

  • Please note that the following are general weekly overviews and are subject to change.  Please check with a class room buddy for most current updates on assignments (always written on the right upper part of class room white board) if you are absent and see Magistra B. as soon as you return to school.  In order to ensure success in Latin, all Latin students should review notes, Latin vocabulary and grammar on a daily basis so there is essentially never an evening without any Latin homework.  Also, long-term projects (two weeks or more) are to be turned in on the pre-assigned due date regardless of whether or not a student is absent, as they can be brought in to school or e-mailed to Magistra Buontempo. Gratias.