Mother Seton prides itself on its academic accomplishments, from individual students to academic teams. Here you will find the latest in Academic news from Mother Seton.

Graduation Requirements:

  • 4 years of English
  • 2 years of U.S. History
  • 1 year of World History/Cultures
  • A course of Religious Studies for each year of attendance
  • A course in Physical Education/Health for each year of attendance
  • 3 years of Mathematics
  • 3 years of Science
  • 2 years of World Language
  • 1 credit year of Fine/Practical/Performing Arts
  • 1/2 credit year of Career Development


A strong Honors Program is available on each grade level.  Within this broad pattern, a challenging program is planned for the following Course of Studies.

Grading System


The following grade equivalents are in place:


A+       97.5 to 100

A         92.5 to 97.49

B+       88.5 to 92.49

B          84.5 to 88.49

C+       79.5 to 84.49

C       75.5 to 79.49

D+       72.5 to 75.49

D        69.5 to 72.49

F          below 69.49


Report cards are issued on a quarterly basis. Examinations are held annually in all major subjects in January and in June. As of the 2016-2017 school year, each examination period counts one-fifth of the semester grade. The grade for each quarter counts as two-fifths of the semester grade.  Grades and averages are computed by faculty members on PowerSchool software and transcripts and grade-point averages are produced.  The following policies and the table of semester and final averages remain in place.


Final Averages


1st Sem.  2nd Sem. Final                       1st Sem.  2nd Sem. Final                       1st Sem.  2nd Sem.  Final

Ave.        Ave.        Ave.                        Ave.        Ave.       Ave.                        Ave.        Ave.       Ave.

A             A             A                             B             D             C                             D+           C             C

A             B+           B+                           B             F              D+                           D+           D+           D+

A             B             B+                           C+           A             B+                           D+           D             D

A             C+           B                             C+           B+           B                             D+           F              D


A             C             B                             C+           B             B                             D             A             C+

A             D+           C+                           C+           C+           C+                           D             B+           C+

A             D             C+                           C+           C             C                             D             B             C

A             F              C                             C+           D+           C                             D             C+           C


B+           A             A                             C+           D             D+                           D             C             D+

B+           B             B                             C+           F              D+                           D             D+           D+

B+           B             B                             C             A             B                             D             D             D

B+           C+           B                             C             B+           B                             D             F              F


B+           C             C+                           C             B             C+                           F              A             C+

B+           D+           C+                           C             C+           C+                           F              B+           C

B+           D             C                             C             C             C                             F              B             C

B+           F              D+                           C             D+           D+                           F              C+           D+


B             A             B+                           C             D             D+                           F              C             D

B             B+           B+                           C             F              D                             F              D+           D

B             B             B                             D+           A             B                             F              D             D

B             C+           C+                           D+           B+           C+                           F              F              F

B             C             C+                           D+           B             C+

B             D+           C                             D+           C+           C


Honor Roll


In order to encourage scholarship and recognize those students who have achieved above

average grades, an Honor Roll is posted in the school library at the end of each marking

period. Students who have earned all A’s in their academic subjects are on first honors

and those who have earned all A’s and B’s, with at least one A in a major subject, are on

second honors.


Special Policy


If a student achieves all A’s and one grade no less than B in major categories (i.e. marking period grades and exam grades), the teacher may have the option of granting a yearly average of A if he/she determines that the student truly deserves it and has merited a minimum of A in each major grade category (i.e. exam/marking period). This would supersede the choice of additional weight being given to the second semester average (i.e. A and B+ averages to a B+); same for all B’s, all C’s.


This is applicable only in the case when one of the six major grades earned was not the normal pattern for this student’s performance, thereby creating a total grade change for the average.


Calculated      New

                                                                                                       Average          Option

I           II         EX       AV      III        IV        EX        AV                 YR AV           YR AV


A         A         A         A         A         B         A         B+                   B+                   A

B         B         B         B         B         B         C         C+                   C+                   B

C         C         C         C         D         C         C         D+                   D+                   C

D         D         D         D         D         F          D          D                    D                     D


Senior Examination Exemption Policy


Examination exemptions will be granted to seniors for the second semester provided that the following conditions are attained: The term average for the first semester must be a minimum grade of B+ AND each of the third and fourth marking period grades must be A in order for the student to be granted an exemption in that course.


First Semester             Third Marking          Fourth Marking     Exam

Term Average             Period                          Period

B+                               A                                 A                                  Exempt


N.B.    Students may be required to take an examination (regardless of grades) at the discretion of the individual department.


Policy on Failures


If a student earns three out of six F’s in a year-long course or two out of three F’s in a semester course, failure for the course will result, regardless of what other grades are earned in that course.


In the event that a student attains semester averages of D for the first semester, an F for the second semester, the final average will be an F. In averaging yearly averages, second semester average carries greater weight.  (See Special Policy.)


Ordinarily, a student who fails a subject for the year must make up the work in summer school, or in repeating the courses before she is eligible to go on to the next higher grade. Courses may not be retaken at Mother Seton except for individually approved, serious reasons. A student who fails several courses may be asked to leave Mother Seton Regional High School. Ordinarily, no exam may be retaken for additional credit.


Policy on Make-Up Work


If a student fails any marking period, she has the opportunity to change the F to a D under the following conditions:


  1. Obtain from the teacher a list of required assignments and a letter to be signed by parent and student agreeing to attempt the makeup work indicated.


  1. Complete the required assignments by the end of the fifth week of the following marking period.


  1. A student has one opportunity to make up an F during a year-long course. Makeup work may be done for the first or third marking period only.


  1. Make-up work for a semester course may be attempted only for the first half of the course.


  1. Faculty assistance with makeup work is normally available after school from 2:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.


Honor Code


Honesty, trustworthiness and integrity are central to all aspects of life at Mother Seton Regional High School. It is expected that each girl will act honorably and courteously and will respect the rights of others at all times.


Honor Offenses:  Honor offenses involve a serious breach of honor. Such offenses shall include, but may not be limited to:  cheating, plagiarism, stealing, lying, behaving dishonestly, using alcohol or drugs or involving oneself in inappropriate activities.


Academic Pledge: Absolute honesty and integrity in academic matters are of such importance to our school community that each student is required to sign a statement at the beginning of each academic year acknowledging that she understands the meaning of the honor pledge: This is my own work.


Signing your “own work” is a promise that you have neither given nor received aid of any sort during any quiz, test, project or paper and/or that you have not received specific information on the test from someone else.


Cheating is submitting work as your own that is not your own or knowingly giving testing information to others. Plagiarism is presenting as your own an idea or paper derived from an existing source, including another student’s work. If a teacher determines that a student’s work is not her own, she will receive no credit for that work and her parents will be notified. Cheating on a quiz, test or examination will result in no credit for that work and parents will be notified.  Subsequent and similar circumstances will result in further conferences with the student and her parents. Serious academic and disciplinary action will likely result.


In order to enrich the curriculum, time is provided within the school day for participation in many clubs which include a variety of interests and hobbies. Each fall, the club program is re-structured and published for students.