Profile of the Mother Seton Graduate

The Mother Seton graduate embraces the values of the Catholic faith and of the Sisters of Charity.  She exhibits her spiritual and moral values through her action in the world.  Appreciating the centrality of faith and community in her life, she understands the importance of prayer.  She exemplifies the Christian life, appreciates the uniqueness of every human being and treats all people with respect.


Self-confident and caring, the Mother Seton graduate is sensitive to the religious and cultural diversity of our world.  Acting with integrity, she lives a life of compassion and forgiveness, embraces the interconnected nature of our global community and acts on the obligation to right injustice and gives assistance as needed.


Treasuring the beauty of the created world, she cares deeply about preserving life and the environment and is an active steward of God’s creation.  She believes that the world can be made better and lends her heart, mind and hands to that goal.


Possessing the capacity to love deeply, the Mother Seton graduate has already begun to develop lifelong friendships.  Gratitude is one of her gifts; spirit is another.  To a remarkable degree, the Mother Seton graduate integrates her faith, morality and learning.  She is a role model for others.


On the threshold of her college education, the Mother Seton graduate has successfully completed a rigorous academic program and is well-prepared for college-level study and achievement.  She possesses significant knowledge and the skills to succeed in many disciplines.  She has learned to think logically, critically and creatively.  The graduate knows how to collaborate and how to lead.


Taking pride in her Mother Seton accomplishments, the graduate is inquisitive and eager to explore new ideas and issues.  She is confident, self-disciplined and skilled at managing her time and priorities.  She is aware that learning is a life-long endeavor that will benefit herself and others.