Mother Seton Regional High School is a Catholic regional girls’ high school of the Archdiocese of Newark. Our school is staffed by the Sisters of Charity and by lay faculty and staff members. The school is a community composed of students, their parents, the administration, faculty, staff, alumnae and their parents. Rich in its diversity, our community represents a multi-ethnic, religious, and socio-economic community.


Mother Seton Regional High School opened on September 16, 1963, in an isolated second floor wing of the new building while construction on the rest of the building continued. On February 1, 1964, the sisters formally moved into their new convent. The first class numbered 115. Two priests and five sisters constituted the faculty. Two hundred fifteen girls were enrolled in May for the second class.


Ten sisters, four priests and four lay teachers with 325 girls opened the school year of 1964-65. Sister Irene Margaret Vopelak was appointed first principal of the school. The first Mass was celebrated on Friday, October 2, 1964. On Saturday, March 20, 1965, the cornerstone of the convent was laid by the Most Reverend Thomas A. Boland, S.T.D., Archbishop of Newark. The ceremony was attended by Mother Joanna Marie and her council, Archdiocesan officials, officials of the town of Clark, and parents, relatives and friends of the staff and students. The first exhibition of physical education was presented on June 5, 1965 and was well received by all who attended.


The third year began with 5 priests, 12 sisters, several lay teachers and 565 students. A successful Driver Education program was introduced and a car obtained. All areas of the school except Office Practice and Physics were in full use. The Homemaking, Art, Music and Business programs were expanded. The members of the first class visited Emmitsburg and honored Mother Seton, their patron. Concerts, drama, and competitions of all sorts brought honor to our school. The facilities of Mother Seton Regional were used by the Archdiocese for presentation of a closed-circuit television program of Vatican II.  The schools were closed for two days so that the teachers might attend. Two hundred and forty new students were registered for September, 1966, bringing the student body to 775, close to its maximum of 800.


The first class was graduated in June, 1967. By 1969, the student body numbered 955 and the faculty 65, 18 of whom were sisters. State accreditation was obtained, and intensive preparations were made for Middle States accreditation.  Our first “on-line” computer class was offered during the 1970-71 school year.  In the spring of 1970, Mother Seton Regional High School received Middle States accreditation for the maximum period of ten years.  On February 1, 1975, Sister Regina Martin Keane became the second principal of Mother Seton.


From 1973-76, the basketball team captured the division championship title in the North Jersey Catholic Girls’ League.  In 1976, the basketball and softball teams won the North II, Group II sectional championship sponsored by the NJSIAA. In addition, the basketball team won sectional championships in their group division from 1976-78. The team took first place honors in 1978 in the Union County Athletic Conference as well.


The Holy Year of 1975 provided the faculty and students with an added incentive – the preparation for the canonization of Elizabeth Ann Seton. In September of 1975, Mother Seton was raised to sainthood in an official ceremony at the Vatican in Rome. Mrs. Rita Shugrue, Assistant Principal, and Sister Francis Xavier attended the ceremony and brought back Mother Seton medals, which were distributed at an official celebration at school. Faculty members, students, parents, and friends joined the Mother Seton Community in this celebration in September, 1975.


In the Bicentennial Year of 1976, students and faculty participated in numerous activities, both in the school and throughout the community. In November, 1977, Dr. Walter McCarthy led a team of state evaluators in renewing state accreditation for our school.  During 1978, Archbishop Peter L. Gerety, Archbishop of Newark, and Bishop Dominic Marconi, Vicar of Union County paid official visits to Mother Seton Regional High School.  In the fall of 1979, several Mother Seton students and faculty members had the honor of attending the “Youth in Concert” Rally welcoming Pope John Paul II to Madison Square Garden, New York.



Our second Middle States Evaluation was conducted in the fall of 1979. The team of evaluators was led by Sister Stasia Holohan of New York. Our Middle States accreditation was renewed for the maximum period of ten years – until 1990. In the fall of 1981, representatives of the New Jersey Department of Education evaluated an updated curriculum as well as other improvements in the school and its facilities. The report submitted by Dr. Walter M. McCarthy further emphasized the accomplishments of sound educational goals that had been achieved through the conscientious leadership of administration and staff.


With the assistance of the entire school community, the recruitment program was enhanced by open-house sessions for potential students and their parents. The student body was especially involved in visiting the schools from which our students are drawn and in presenting a profile of the school and its philosophy and objectives.


The challenges of the technology of the eighties caused significant changes in the curriculum offerings particularly in the areas of business education and mathematics. Courses in computer science, computer literacy, and word processing were incorporated into the curriculum. Computers were purchased, and typewriters were virtually abandoned.


Mother Seton Regional celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 1983. As in the past, the achievement of academic excellence was foremost in the on-going evaluation of all aspects of the total school program: spiritual growth, curriculum development, and extra-curricular activities. Anniversary events carried the theme, “Celebrating the first twenty years of academic excellence.” Recognition in academic competitions was achieved in the mathematics and science leagues as well as through participation in the Rutgers Bowl and Challenge Series.


The twentieth anniversary was commemorated at the opening liturgy of the 1983 school year. Reverend John P. McGovern, chaplain, celebrated the Liturgy and delivered the homily highlighting the history of the school. During the Mass, medals of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton were blessed and were distributed by ten faculty and staff members, who were also celebrating fifteen or more years of service at the school.  Following the Mass, the faculty and students were guests at a reception on the school lawn.


Anniversary night, November 11, 1983, featured the play, The Sound of Music, which was the first student play at the school back in 1968. A special commemorative booklet was made available for all performances of the play.  Anniversary night also featured a “20 Club.” The club offered refreshments to member guests and displayed memorabilia, featuring “a walk down memory lane,” from the first twenty years at Mother Seton. Many present and past students and parents were in attendance for this special evening of friendship and celebration.


The concluding anniversary event was commemorated at a Liturgy in December, 1983. His Excellency, Bishop Dominic Marconi, D.D., Union County Vicar, was the principal celebrant and Rev. Msgr. Joseph Loreti, V.F., Pastor, Assumption Parish, Roselle Park and religion teacher at Mother Seton Regional High School, delivered the homily. Rev. John P. McGovern, Chaplain at Mother Seton Regional High School, concelebrated the Liturgy along with past chaplains of the school and several other priests. Invited guests included alumnae and their families, official dignitaries, the present parent population and present and past faculty members. Following the Mass, recognition was given to Sister Irene Margaret as founding principal and to Sister Regina Martin as second and present principal. A candlelight reception was held immediately afterwards.


The faculty and entire student body participated in the first Student Council Walkathon in April, 1984. This was a school wide fund-raising event and covered twelve miles.  Students were urged to seek pledges from family, friends, and businesses.  In April, 1984, the National Honor Society voted to re-name its chapter as the Sister Irene Margaret Chapter in honor of Sister Irene, the school’s founding principal. Sister Irene was the guest speaker at the induction ceremony, and all newly elected National Honor Society members, their families and the faculty attended the luncheon following the ceremony.


During the 1984-85 school year, Dr. Walter McCarthy led a team of state evaluators in renewing state accreditation for our school. State accreditation was again renewed until 1990. In a spirit of continual evaluation and renewal, the faculty participated in the Newark Archdiocesan “Challenge to Become” five-year program. The 1985 Student Council Week activities culminated in the second annual Walkathon which was held again in April. Other Student Council week activities included the National Honor Society Induction ceremony, volleyball intramural finals and It’s Academic.


From 1977-2001, with the exception of six seasons, the bowling team maintained a winning record. In 1983-1985, the team placed first in its division. In 1994, the team placed first in its division and remained undefeated. In 1995, the team won the GMC championship and the State Sectional Championship. That year, Sister Jacquelyn Balasia, bowling coach, was Coach of the Year. The volleyball team has participated in the Union County Tournament each year since it began in 1978.  In 1986, the team placed fifth in this tournament.


The 1986-87 school year brought strong competition in many academic areas as our students competed in several area programs.  Science League achieved first, second or third place in many competitions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The sophomore Biology Team captured and held first place throughout the year. Mother Seton students also captured prizes and honors in Art and Social Studies competition.


Much support and applause were given to our fall student production of Annie. The performances were enhanced by “Sandy,” who has appeared in many productions of Annie. Another highlight for students was the establishment of Seton Spotlight. Students achieved this award on the basis of their enthusiasm, service, courtesy, initiative, spirit and responsibility.


Beginning with the 1987-88 school year, Mother Seton Regional High School entered into athletic competition in the Greater Middlesex County Athletic Conference. This broadened the scope of our athletic interests with other schools. Our development office also expanded in scope for the 1987-88 school year. A full-time director of development was employed to enhance the school profile. In addition, the director brought Mother Seton news to our alumnae, parents and local communities.


In September, 1988, the twenty-fifth anniversary year began with a burst of “Seton Spirit” as the sophomore class hosted a pre-opening day picnic for the incoming freshmen. A soccer team was introduced and the spirit was further enhanced by our “Freshman for a Day” Program for seventh and eighth graders. The anniversary spirit continued to manifest itself throughout the year as the entire MSR community celebrated with special masses, an alumnae day and a dinner dance. Archbishop McCarrick was the principal celebrant at a special liturgy to open our 25th Anniversary celebration.


While continuing to develop and expand the emphasis on academic excellence for our curriculum, the extra-curricular program was enhanced by the formation of Mother Seton’s first soccer team. Throughout the school year, the faculty and staff engaged in an intensive self-study in preparation for the school’s third Middle States evaluation.


On the threshold of a brand new decade filled with endless possibilities, the 1989-90 school year opened with a burst of enthusiasm and fresh preparation for the Middle States evaluation.  More than a year of hard work and honest self-evaluation came to a satisfying conclusion when Mother Seton was awarded accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools until the year 2000! The challenge to academic excellence was achieved by our successful Mathematics and Science teams. “Seton Spirit” activities promoted our recruitment program as well as our own Mother Seton Community events.


From 1988-92, the tennis team maintained a winning season record. In 1990, the team captured the division title in the Greater Middlesex County Conference. Several players were named to conference teams during these years. Our tennis coach, Miss Barron, was named “Coach of the Year” in 1990 by the Greater Middlesex County Athletic Conference. In 1991, the bowling team captured another winning season, and our athletic director, Mrs. Egan, was named “Athletic Director of the Year” by the Union County Athletic Conference.


Into the 1990’s, Mother Seton maintained stable enrollment and an outstanding reputation for academic excellence.  Several students received awards and recognition for their academic work. National Merit Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Commended Students were named.  In addition, the Class of 1992 amassed approximately one million dollars in corporate, college, and community level scholarships. In March of 1993, our Career Day Program was re-instituted. Several of our own alumnae and parents were among the fifty presenters.


The Seton Leadership Team began its inaugural year in September of 1995. This team is comprised of students who serve as ambassadors for Mother Seton. In addition, they are involved in various activities which develop their leadership skills. In October, 1995, forty students and faculty members had an opportunity to welcome His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, to New Jersey when his plane touched down at Newark International Airport. At the airport, several students were greeted also by President and Mrs. Clinton as the Clintons arrived to meet Pope John Paul II. The entire event was carried on all major television networks. Two students were interviewed at the airport by Dana Tyler for Channel Two News. On the following day, several students and faculty attended the Papal Mass celebrated at Giants Stadium. Several MSR students served as ushers for the Mass at the stadium.


Throughout the nineties, our Mathematics and Science teams continued to flourish in their competitions. The varsity mathematics team placed first or second each year. The Biology, Chemistry, and Physics teams continued to place first or second in district competition. In addition, annual trips to the State Science Olympiad brought MSR students home with several medals of accomplishment. In the Social Studies National Current Events Team Competition, the junior-senior team and the freshman team each captured first, second or third place honors each year from 1996 to 2001. The team competed with seventy other schools nationwide. In 1997, the freshman team placed first nationally in this competition.


During the nineties, the technology program at Mother Seton advanced in several departments and in all aspects of school life. A T-1 line was added, the school was wired and the Internet became available in every classroom throughout the building. Computers were updated in the library and business department.  New computers were added. In 1999, a “state of the art” computer lab was re-opened to students on the first floor. The new lab with high-speed Internet connection replaced the slow computers of the seventies.


In the fall of 1996, Student Spirit Week was introduced. This week consisted of various themed competitions among grade levels. Competitions were judged on creativity, originality and school spirit. The week continues to be enjoyed by all and generates excellent school spirit.


In the spring of 1997, the first annual all-class alumnae reunion was held on campus. Alumnae, former and present faculty and friends marked the school’s 30th anniversary of its first graduation. Alumnae came from several states and from as far away as Japan!


The Seton Distinguished Scholar Program was introduced in 1998. Entering students who had outstanding scores and elementary school records were invited to participate. Scholars are challenged with an enriched curriculum. In addition, they are afforded additional cultural opportunities through a variety of special trips and programs.


With the approach of the new millennium, the halls of Mother Seton were humming with activity. The newly renovated office complex and conference area opened just in time for the first day of school. Preparations were completed for our fourth successful Middle States Evaluation. The team visit to MSR was held in November, 1999, and we received maximum accreditation again until the year 2010.  For the spring sports season of 1999, Mother Seton reintroduced a new track team.


During the spring of 2000, the entire school celebrated with Sister Regina to honor her twenty-five years as principal of Mother Seton. Faculty, staff and students gathered at a Liturgy held in the gym and followed by a brunch shared by all in attendance.


Several MSR successes were manifested in a growing school population and in many academic and service oriented accomplishments of our students. Two of our coaches, Sister Jacquelyn Balasia (varsity bowling) and Miss Joan Barron (varsity tennis) were recognized for twenty-five years of coaching. Additionally, Miss Barron was named Coach of the Year by the Greater Middlesex Conference. Further evidence of success was demonstrated by the 92 members of the graduating Class of 2001 who earned $4.5 million in academic scholarships.


The Archdiocese of Newark began an annual program of teacher recognition in 1992. Each year, a member of the Mother Seton Regional High School Faculty was honored as “Outstanding Educator of the Year.”


1991-1992:  Sister Jacquelyn Balasia             1992-1993:   Mrs. Barbara Feeley

1993-1994:  Sister Theo Furniss                       1994-1995:   Miss Joan Barron

1995-1996:  Miss Colette Martin                     1996-1997:   Mrs. Margaret Egan

1997-1998:  Mrs. Patricia Campos                  1998-1999:   Mr. John Uriarte

1999-2000:  Mrs. Maureen Beebe                   2000-2001:   Mrs. Geraldine Welsch


In 2002-2003, the Archdiocesan award was changed to the STAR Award and honored faculty members who had made outstanding contributions to our students both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Maureen Connell received this honor for Mother Seton. The award was presented at Sacred Heart Cathedral by Archbishop John J. Myers.


In February of 2001, our Archbishop of Newark, Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was assigned to the Archdiocese of Washington, D. C. In May of 2001, he was elevated to Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. In July of 2001, Pope John Paul named Archbishop John Myers of Peoria, Illinois as the new Archbishop of Newark.


Our school year had barely begun when the tragedies of 9/11/2001 occurred. Throughout the day, we prayed and sought to check on the safety of our families. We met with those students who had family members who worked in New York City.  We encouraged these students to use all available land phones and cell phones to reach family members and checked to see if a parent would be able to meet students at home in the evening because the bridges to New Jersey had been shut down.  Dismissal was held at the usual time but many students had been picked up during the day by parents. Fortunately, by evening, we learned that all immediate family members of our students were safe, but some relatives were missing.


The school year continued with much prayer and concern for those lost and for their families. Students raised funds which were sent to families in our area who had lost a parent. Archdiocesan, state and municipal officials held many meetings to assist all schools to develop a Crisis Management Plan and to educate faculty and students as to how the plan would be carried out in the event of an emergency. Supplies and food were stored in case a Red Alert signal was declared while students were in school.


During the 2002-03 school year, our students continued their academic successes and participated in extensive outreach programs. A new forensics team was formed by Dr. Marylou Motto. Students garnered 26 trophies and five qualified to participate in the national competition in Washington, D. C.  Two students won national awards. During the 2003-04 school year, the team was equally successful and four students traveled to Boston to compete in the nationals. One student won an award in this competition. In 2004-05, two students participated in national competition in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


In September, 2003, the fortieth anniversary year began with an outstanding Liturgy celebrated by Archbishop Myers for the faculty, staff and students of MSR as well as the staff of the Archdiocesan School Office and the Officers of the Sisters of Charity. A Student Procession of Light was held. Faculty and students sang as our new Liturgical instrumental group provided the music. A celebratory brunch, catered by Aliperti’s of Clark, followed in the gym for all students, staff and guests. The anniversary spirit continued to manifest itself throughout the year as the entire MSR community celebrated with special masses, an alumnae reception, a Family Communion Breakfast and Bobby Byrne Night for parents.


We celebrated the 40th anniversary of the opening of Mother Seton Regional High School during the 2003-04 school year.  In October, 2003, Archbishop Meyers celebrated our 40th Anniversary Liturgy for our students, faculty and staff.  Archdiocesan School Office officials, Officers of the Community of the Sisters of Charity and Officers of our Parents’ Guild attended the Liturgy which was held in the gym. The Liturgy was followed by a brunch served by Aliperti’s Restaurant of Clark. In December, former chaplains, Rev. John P. McGovern and Rev. Kevin Murphy concelebrated a Liturgy for Alumnae and former faculty and staff members. The reception which followed provided a wonderful opportunity to meet former teachers and students. All were impressed by the spirit and the gratitude expressed by our alumnae.  Parents celebrated in April with a festive night presented by entertainer and singer, Bobby Byrne.


In preparation for the Anniversary, the Seton Music Ensemble was born. Sister Jacquelyn Balasia and Sister Mary Anne Katlack assembled a group of talented student singers and instrumentalists that performs at all Liturgies and many assemblies. At the anniversary celebration, the group was joined by alumna, Maureen Power, ‘97 on the violin and Mrs. Lucille Obie on the piano. The group provided outstanding music for all anniversary Liturgies. The group continues to provide music for our Liturgies in school and provided music for two Liturgies at Convent Station during the 2004-05 school year.


The year 2004-2005 brought a continued increase in enrollment. We were delighted in October when Archbishop John J. Myers awarded the Archdiocesan Sesquicentennial Medal of Honor to Miss Joan Barron, Assistant Principal, in recognition of her many years of dedicated service to the students of Mother Seton Regional High School and to the Archdiocese of Newark. The award was presented at a concelebrated Liturgy at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Newark, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Basilica. A reception, attended by many MSR staff members, followed the Liturgy.


The National Catholic Association honored Principal, Sister Regina Martin, with a special departmental award at its national convention held in Philadelphia during Easter Week, 2005. The award which was presented to her was one of only six awards in the nation for secondary school educators. The ceremonies were attended by officials from the Sisters of Charity, the Archdiocesan School Office and by administrators and faculty from Mother Seton. To further celebrate her anniversary, the Mother Seton community then threw a surprise party for Sister Regina, including a Liturgy, songs, speeches, a slide show of her years at the school, a scrapbook signed by more than 500 people and a breakfast.


Our sports teams continued to do very well during 2004-2005. Several soccer, tennis and volleyball athletes were recognized by the Greater Middlesex Conference, by the Star Ledger, by the Home News and one received a state award in soccer. Our volleyball coach, Mr. Thomas Moran, was named Coach of the Year by the Greater Middlesex Conference Gold Division.  For the first time in MSR history, a swim team was formed and 32 girls dove into the demanding practice schedule and competition at the Cranford Pool.


Assistant Principal Sister Jacquelyn Balasia rounded out the administration’s honors when, in the spring of 2005, she was chosen – and was the first Sister of Charity to be chosen – as a member of the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame. Sister Jacquelyn, a Mother Seton alumna who now heads the Mathematics, Related Arts and Science Departments, introduced both volleyball and bowling to the school. Under her guidance, the bowling team has reached state finals six times.


The Class of 2005 graduated with a highly successful record. The class had a 100% college acceptance level and achieved academic scholarships in excess of 6.5 million dollars.  Likewise, the 101 graduates in the Class of 2006 achieved in excess of 6.7 million dollars in academic scholarships. Ninety six graduates in the Class of 2007 reached 5 million dollars in college scholarships.


In September, 2006 the Seton Ambassador Program was inaugurated. Several students and faculty members attended an intensive workshop presented by Randy Nathan. The group was enthusiastic and many members helped to welcome a larger class of 125 freshmen to the Class of 2011. The bowling team won the division state championship as well as the state sectional championship for its division.  Sister Jacquelyn Balasia, bowling coach, was named the Star Ledger Bowling Coach of the Year. She was also named the GMC Blue Division Coach of the Year as well the Home News Tribune’s Female Coach of the Year. In the summer, she was notified that she would be honored in 2007-08 as the State Coach of the Year by the National Coaches Association.


During the 2007-08 school year, major improvements were made to our building. With the assistance of a large grant, we renovated the entire fire system and exit lighting, installed a new elevator, new exterior doors as well as a new security system. We added a new cross country team and many additional co-curricular activities sponsored by our dedicated faculty.  A record number of students attended our junior-senior retreat at Maris Stella, Long Beach Island. In addition to our monthly Liturgies and prayer services under the direction of our campus ministry office, our students again outdid themselves in their generosity to help those less fortunate than they. Annual days of reflection were held again for each class level.


Our academic and overall successes continued throughout the 2007-08 school year. The Class of 2008 garnered $9.6 million in academic scholarships. MSR was honored with eight Bloustein Scholars. Once again, the Bowling Team won the division championship as well as the state sectional championship for its group. Academic successes continued in all academic areas: Social Studies national current events, grade 9, 1st place; junior/senior, 3rd place; Mathematics, junior varsity 1st place in Catholic School Math League; varsity team, 4th place; District Science competition: Chemistry I, 1st place; Chemistry II, Physics, 2nd place; Biology, 3rd place; National Language Arts League, grade 9, 1st place; one freshman achieved a perfect score in the National Educational Development Test. In May, Assistant Principal, Miss Joan Barron was honored by the students and faculty with a surprise celebration of her commitment, dedication and hard work with and for the Mother Seton Community for the last forty years.


Building improvements included complete renovation of all student restrooms. In addition, we installed new drainage in the rear parking lot and resurfaced the lot. The 2008-09 school year brought new academic and athletic excitement and successes.  Our volleyball team became 2008 GMC White Division Champions. A new sports endeavor included participation in GMC and state golf competition. The cross country team competed in state competition and three students received special recognition. In science, our Biology team placed 3rd, our Chemistry and Physics teams placed 1st in district competition.  Our junior-senior current events team placed 2nd in the nation and 1st in New Jersey in the National Current Events competition.  In the same competition, our freshman team placed 1st in the nation and first in New Jersey. Our forensics team won a total of 26 trophies during the season and MSR was again represented in the national competition held in Albany, New York.   Several students won awards in essays, short stories and creative writing through the National and New Jersey Councils of Teachers of English.


As a result of their performance in previous programs at Ellis Island, two faculty members, Miss Joan Barron and Mrs. Katherine Sullivan were selected as Teacher Ambassadors for the Ellis Island Institute. They presented programs based on work they had done with their Physics and Psychology classes during the school year. During the year, complete wireless technology was made available throughout the school. Once again, Mother Seton’s art students had their work chosen for the Union County Teen Arts Showcase and for the Union County Touring exhibit. Daily prayer, monthly liturgies, and special services under the direction of our campus ministry office continued. Students gave increased support to many drives including breast cancer awareness, food collections, toy drives, the giving tree, coat drive, love socks and tutoring students both within and outside of MSR.


We had one National Merit Finalist and four National Merit Commended students as well as eight New Jersey Bloustein Scholars. The Class of 2009 also garnered almost 11 million in academic scholarships and continued in the tradition of a 100% college acceptance rate. The 2008-2009 school year was a year of self-study in preparation for MSR’s fifth Middle States Evaluation to be held in November, 2009. All students, faculty, alumnae and parents were invited to participate in an online survey. Results were collated and became a significant part of the foundation for the self-study and the development of our action plans for the future of MSR.


The 2009-2010 school year was enriched by the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Charity in the United States as well as the commemoration of the beginning of the parochial school system in the United States by our founder and patron, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. In addition, the school community honored the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Charity of New Jersey and, specifically, their mission in the Archdiocese of Newark.


Mother Seton also fields a wide variety of athletic teams.  As early as 1973, the basketball and softball teams were winning sectional and divisional championships.  Over the years, new teams were formed.  Mother Seton now fields teams in several areas including soccer, volleyball, cross-country, tennis, basketball, swimming, bowling, indoor track, track and field, softball and golf.  The teams have met with varying amounts of success.  In recent years, Mother Seton has been very successful in volleyball, track and bowling.  Throughout the school’s history, several of our coaches have been the recipients of awards by the state and county athletic conferences.  These awards include:


                Mr. Tom Moran – 5 conference and 1 area Coach of the Year awards 1995 and NJ Coaches Hall of Fame 2005

                Miss Joan Barron – 2 Conference and 1 All Conference Coach of the Year for Tennis 1990 and 2000

 All Conference Coach of the Year 1980

                Mrs. Marge Egan – Athletic Director of the Year 1991


In addition to academics and athletics, the typical Mother Seton student spends her time participating in various clubs and community service activities.  Students may share their artistic talents by taking part in the annual play or by singing or playing an instrument with the Seton Ensemble or the Gospel Choir.  They might help with service-related clubs such as Loaves and Fishes, Seton Outreach or the Recycling Club.  They might learn a new skill like crocheting or digital photography or they might hone their writing skills by working on the yearbook, school newspaper or the literary magazine.  Students help to collect food for the needy, as well as used eyeglasses and coats for people who need them.  Some students tutor young children in after-school programs or visit senior citizens in nursing homes.  The call to help others is constantly a theme for the Mother Seton community.


Throughout its history, Mother Seton has emphasized Academic Excellence as one of its main objectives.  The school has been accredited by the State of New Jersey since 1969 and by the Middle States Association since 1970.  Every Mother Seton student, from the very first who began their studies in September of 1963 to the current student population, has been offered a strong academic program.  Religion, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Language, as well as art, music and technology have been part of its curriculum.  Today, courses in STEM areas are offered, including engineering, coding and robotics.  Mother Seton has fielded teams in academic competition since the early days of her existence:  Math League, Science League, Foreign Language competitions, Current Events competitions and an Academic Challenge team which competes in tournaments throughout New Jersey.  All teams have met with considerable success throughout the years.  The members of every graduating class have brought great credit to Mother Seton through their impressive college acceptance rates and the scholarships which they have been able to garner.  For example, the Class of 2016 was awarded over $16,000,000 in academic scholarships.