High School Musical Callbacks – Sept. 5 at 6pm

Callbacks will take place at 6 pm on September 5th.  


What is a callback?   A callback is for the director to hear a little more from a select few people.

** Please keep in mind that if you are not on the callback list, this DOES NOT mean you are not in the cast or that you do not have a speaking part!   🙂



Zackary Abbey
Kassidy Beauzil
Brooke Belmonte
Paulina Benito
Tyler Benson
Alexandra Chernooki-Lavorato
Emili Darrow
Sadia Decastro
Natalie Dombroski
Taylor Eccles
Alyson Fakhry
Kyle Gunsiorowski
Ashleigh Heyder
Sofia King
Francesca Mescall
Kedrine Meus
Rachelle Montilus
Uchechi Onwunali
Louis Scafid
Yahnie Waldon



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