Mother Seton Hall of Fame Nomination Deadline – May 15

A “Mother Seton High School Hall of Fame” has been established to recognize the achievements of graduates, faculty, and others who have contributed in some way to furthering the values held and taught at our beloved Alma Mater. We hope that you will take a few minutes to think about some of the MSR people you admire as we invite you to submit your nominations. The three award categories open for nomination for the 2017 Gala are: Alumnae, Faculty, and the Setonian Award. A description for each category is included in the form below. You are invited to nominate one person for each of the categories.
Please use the link below to submit your nominations.
In order for your nomination to be considered, please give at least two examples of how your candidate fits the criteria for nomination. 
PLEASE NOTE that past honorees will not be considered as they have already been recognized. 2014 Honorees – Sister Regina Martin, Sister Jacquelyn Balasia, Joan Barron, Sister Theo Furniss, Marge Egan, Maureen Connell. 2016 Honorees – Sr. Irene Margaret Vopelak, John Uriarte, Maria Buontempo, Linda Flores-Tober, RSI Bank, Anne Lorusso Cascone
Nomination Deadline: May 15, 2017