She Finds

She Finds Her Voice


While the girl mostly keeps to herself, everyone at Mother Seton seems to recognize her.

The principal greets her by name; teachers say hello in the halls; older students smile at her.

One teacher in particular acts as if the girl is the most interesting student in the School.

“TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK,” the teacher always asks her.

To the girl’s surprise, this teacher’s gentle persistence gradually coaxes a voice from somewhere deep inside her.

This voice is strong.

This voice is brave.

Soon, the once-timid girl begins raising her hand in class.

She asks provocative questions.

She challenges classmates’ assumptions.

She feels empowered.

Now that she’s found her voice, she’ll never let it go.

More than ever, there are things in the world that need to be said.

She is ready.

The future is hers.